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US President Joe Biden is delivering on his promise to revoke Keystone XL approval, and we need to ask a simple question: how does it work? Does Greenpeace really need any more proof of how hard they have worked to make Alberta look like a caricatured backwater right now? Perhaps it is possible, but Greenpeace's attempt to double the conspiracy theories of climate change skeptics paints a very different picture of Alberta than anything that environmentalists have concocted so far.

Leave that aside for a moment, Conservatives, and if you think the inquiry will investigate anything, it probably isn't true, at least not yet.

The US State Department has previously expressed concern that the Chinese test materials were not accurate without providing evidence of the allegations. Greenpeace, which Allan's investigation has already publicly described as a group of zealots bent on "saving planet Earth" and "destroying the capitalist system," has been contacted to provide no evidence.

It looks as if the UCP is spinning a fantasy for 2019 that it cannot realize now, and the electoral program is, to hell, practically stolen by the Reform Party. I see a lack of original thinking, but I'm more worried about the future of the country than anything else, so I'll just have to wait.

The United Arab Emirates Foreign Ministry did not immediately respond to Associated Press questions about suspected cases related to virus testing. Arms control advocates have called for the new START treaty to be retained, warning that its failure would undo one of the world's most important arms control measures. Russia's deputy foreign minister Dmitry Rogozin said Russia was committed to extending the pact but was waiting for the details of the U.S. proposals. Moscow said it remained open to negotiating future borders for potential weapons, but stressed that preserving the new START agreement was crucial for global stability.

Dubai has seen an increase in the number of South Africans as the country's economy has deteriorated in recent years. According to Danish media, more than 1,000 South Africans currently live in Dubai, the world's second largest city after Dubai.

Moreover, global concerns about climate change are driving more banks and large companies to invest in countries that are on the death march for coal and oil production. Alberta is clearly the victim of a long history of obstructing oil sands development, and I believe Alberta has been treated unfairly and hypocritically. I also understand why so many of us have fallen for the idea that if we elect a Conservative government, we could just let the problem go and return Alberta to the glory days of 2014, 2005 and 1994. The 2019 election campaign promised tax cuts that would bring jobs back, a "fair deal" that would rein in Ottawa and underscore the need for more investment in Alberta's oil and gas sector and a more balanced budget.

Here's the good news: Kenney has taught us what it really means to be alone, and we would fight for a "fair deal" with the FA. Wait, he hinted that was exactly what was to happen on Wednesday, that Alberta would go further than Alberta in a fair deal with the federation, but wait.

It doesn't matter that Joe Biden, who would like to set fire to an entire provincial economy to buy himself two weeks of peace, and his own troubled left flank. During the campaign, Biden indicated that he favors the new START treaty, which is currently being negotiated between the US, Russia, China, Iran, Israel, Russia, and the United States.

Since then, the Trump administration has proposed extending the New START treaty by just one year, but has also sought to extend it to restrict nuclear weapons on the battlefield. Trump claims that this is disadvantaging the US and insists on including China in the treaty - an idea that Beijing flatly rejects, while Russia has always offered to extend it for five years, a possibility provided for in the pact.

They include Justin Trudeau, who has been a vocal advocate for Keystone XL. Trudeau said he tried to do that and the prime minister was to his credit for bringing it up. This should be reflected in the fact that Trudeau had no qualms about helping Kenney, a man who spent the last three years winning Alberta's heart by drawing blood from him.

The party is run by a bunch of jockeys who suddenly realise that no one who matters knows their name. Kennedy's war room is an international joke, spearheaded by PC party loyalists who will not be elected in 2019.

That stubborn stance led to the scrambling display Kenney offered at a news conference earlier this week. I think I am being generous by putting this matter aside for the time being, but the province will be hit hard by COVID 19.

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