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Old - Locals remember the days when life was buzzing in the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia's capital. Funky seaside bars danced, cinema screens on the equator lit up with a full moon, and Somalia lost itself in its own world of music, dance, food and entertainment.

Somalis who now work in Islamabad remember a beautiful sandy beach where the nightlife and diverse cuisine pulsate. I like to come to Somalia to show the humanity and beauty of this place, but it is difficult because of the chaos here, and I want to do this for countries like Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea. We spoke to two of our contacts and were told unequivocally that choosing an agent based on prices and a place like Mogadishu, Somalia, is tantamount to stupidity and suicide. But I wanted to go and show you the other side of this story, so I did.

While it may sound like a broken record, the easiest way to stay safe in Somalia is not to go there in the first place. If you plan to go to Somalia, it is better to stay in Somaliland and wait for a minimum of peace before trying Mogadishu. Addis Ababa and Nairobi are two of the best places to visit for a better nightlife and the chance to have it all and just relax, but it could be the last place you ever visit.

You start to be lucky and find the nightlife by going to where you can meet every single girl from Mogadishu during the day. Given that the city has nightclubs and bars, this may be the best place to meet girls in Mog Somalia, although it is not the perfect option.

Somalia Dating Guide advises you on how to welcome Somali girls and reunite them with local women in Somalia. Read our guide where you can find sex, sex tips and tips on the best places for sex in Mogadishu, Somalia and Africa, and how to put in Somali Africa. allows you to meet local Somali members and get to know them personally before you arrive. Dances include dance parties, dance classes, dances, music, dance classes and dance classes.

I really wish I could give you a list of nightclubs and pick a bar in Mogadishu to try to meet a girl, but to my knowledge there is no one. Not to mention that there is not even a single nightlife outside Mog Somaliu. I really enjoyed my time here and the alcohol helped me to get off the edge, which makes girls lie down. The best places to meet and meet girls in Somalia and to complete their meetings - up date.

Things can change in Somalia at any time, so do not be reassured by it and do your best to make a difficult situation happen. Kidnappings, armed conflict, piracy and warfare are not as common in Somalia as they used to be. Somalia is more dangerous than any other country in Africa I have reported on before, but no matter sent me to visit Mogadishu, and that was not without risk.

Although many restaurants have opened in recent years offering a wide range of local to local and even international dishes, much of what is offered cheaply is local Somali cuisine, which is not too diverse. Somali restaurants differ from one cuisine to another, their style and feel differ from region to region.

The coastal city is famous for its white beaches and is surrounded by a number of tourist attractions, such as the famous Museum of Mogadishu and the National Museum of Somalia. With tourism back and a bit too rough for tourism, Mog Somalia is picking up the pieces, while a revival of leisure activities for the locals is looming. As more and more Somalis revitalize Somaliland and bring new developments, it's a great place for a night on the beach or even in the city itself.

There is no doubt that meeting a girl in Somalia is as difficult as anywhere else in the world, but at least one thing is for you in online dating. Indeed, every month, hundreds of Somali women sign up on online dating sites, and like any other man, they make friends. Do you see a hot Somali woman and greet her, or do you do it alone, with your friends or with a group of friends?

The evening's activities include Buraanbur poems, led by Caasho Buranburtooy, and dance performed by the Somali Museum Dance Troupe. Sheikhey Abdi said the annual event, the first of its kind in Somalia, costs $400 a night.

Organisers hope the events, which were shown at Alliance Francaise in Kenya's capital Nairobi in June, will remind people what Mogadishu once was and could be again.

The footage shows the political and economic forces behind the empowerment of women, which is led by music, and the visitors come from all walks of life, from young to old, from rich to poor, from men and women. The decision to return to Mogadishu from Baltimore came as the aggressive militant group Al-Shabaab drove out Mogadishu in 2011. The nostalgia for pre-war Somalia is obvious among Somalis living in the diaspora. While some people come to Somaliland to check off Somalia from their world travel maps, most have not yet understood the region, which is often portrayed as impoverished and miserable.

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